Monday, March 2, 2015

Daily Dose: Bookish Onesies...Because Why Not

Daily Dose is a weekly meme hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly. If you'd like to participate in daily dose you simply make a post on Monday with a bunch of images you find magical and possibly inspiring to readers.

I haven't done a daily dose in forever.  I mean, I know I haven't been consistently posting in forever, but I haven't had a daily dose since before all that inactive-lazy-in-a-funk-ness.  This daily dose is inspired by my hunt to mesh an old love with a coming new one.  Bookish Onesies!!!  Because... we have a "coming soon" in April.  The Hubby and I are welcoming a new addition to our little family. And I have to start him off right!  I love etsy so much.  These are on my list.  If you find some, post them in the comments.  I want!!

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  1. Aww Congrats on your soon to be new addition! That's so exciting! And those onesies are awesome!

  2. Congratulations!!! AWW! We are having a baby!!! YEAHH!! So excited for you two! Check out these links for other great ones


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