Friday, March 6, 2015

Foodie Fridays: The Glorious Pasta of Italy

This post is inspired by Geeky Blogger Book Blog's Foodie Friday's meme.  The actual meme was discontinued but I'd still love to share some amazing cookbook finds.  With the popularity of food blogs and Pinterest, you rarely find a need to actually purchase a cookbook.  BUT there are some that are still work the purchase.

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The Glorious Pasta of Italy by Domenica Marchetti
Amazon | Kindle

Let's talk pasta!!  Let me just admit that I was afraid of the stuff for quite a while.  I mean, everyone knows that too much pasta = carb overload = bad news.  But then I went to Italy.

This book is more than a cookbook.  It instructs you on the different types of pasta,  sauce pairings, and of course, how to make various pasta and sauce on your own.  A pasta maker is not a must but the hubby and I did buy one.

Let me just say that making pasta is the perfect date night.  You need very few ingredients, it's quite easy, and you have the perfect excuse to drink wine!!

This one is a cooking class in book form.  Loves it!!

P.S.  There are pictures!!
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  1. I have been getting into my cookbooks lately and I am going to try and cook my way through one just like Julia and Julia. :)


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