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Book Blogger Love-a-Thon: Interview the JC's Book Haven

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Hey ya'll!!  So I realized pretty late in the game that my wonderful interview with Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven didn't post.  You guys almost missed out on awesomeness but I caught it all in time.  No worries.

JCs Book Haven

1. How long have you been blogging and what made you start?
I am actually a newbie blogger having started in late November, 2012. Not even three full months yet! Even though I just got started, I feel like it’s something that I have been meant to do forever and cannot believe that I didn’t start sooner. I love it! I started blogging because I often recommend books to the people around me, and am always asked what I am currently reading. One day, someone from my work said, “Why don’t you have a blog?” I couldn’t answer logically, so I did some research and decided that it was something that I wanted to jump into. I am very glad that I made the decision.
I cannot believe that you've only been blogging for 3 months! Everything on your blog flows and you are so consistent. I'm so glad that you made that decision too!

2. What are your thoughts on books turned to movies?
I always get so excited when I find out that my favorite book is being turned into a movie! I look at it as a chance to experience it in a new, different way. We all know that the movies are never the same as the books, but I enjoy the new experience with familiar characters and ideas. Sometimes I am even pleasantly turned on to a great book because of the movie! When I love the movie, and devour the book afterwards...I usually find that I love the book even more.
I agree that it is certainly a different experience. I think that is such a good thing.

  3. What are some tips that you would offer to other bloggers?
Again, I am new at this, but I love learning and growing. I feel like I am picking up new things every day. What I would say is that if you are serious about being a part of the blogging community, it is important to foster good relationships with other bloggers and authors. The Golden Rule should apply...everyone should be treated courteously and with respect. If someone comments and visits your should take the time to return the favor. If you like someone’s post, you should let them know. I have just gone about it by following the Golden Rule of how I would like to be treated.
I certainly agree. I think it is easy to get behind with blogging and not be able to return the favor with a visit. That's happening to me now. But I think you are right, that means it is time for me to scale back. See it doesn't matter how long you've been around, you can still give great advice.

4. Coffee? Tea? Soda? Or Hot Chocolate?
I am a Dr. Pepper girl at heart, but love hot chocolate around Christmas’s tradition ;) (I know at least one person heard that last part in the accent that it was supposed to be delivered in…if you did – let me know!)
Who got the accent thing? Let me know too!

5. Who are some of your favorite authors?
I think that J.K. Rowling is a genius that created not only a series of books, but a world from her imagination that completely fascinates me. Kim Harrison, Richelle Mead, Jennifer Riordan, Ilona Andrews (new addition!), Patricia Briggs, Jennifer Armentrout, Marissa Meyer, Julie Kagawa, Robyn Jones and so many more are on my list of favorite authors.
There are so many authors that I want to try. Maybe if I branch out more, I'd find a favorite.

6. Aside from reading and blogging what takes up your time?
My son! I am a single parent that works full time so there isn’t much left over. He just was drafted to his baseball team for the season and I always take score for his games. When baseball season hits, there is time for little else than baseball. Good thing it’s a sport I love too
. My brother played baseball from a young age until high school. I'm a sucker for a great little league game. Those are some of my fondest memories.

7. Zombies or Vampires?
Vampires for sure. I haven’t read that many zombie books or watched many zombie movies though I do want to read and see Warm Bodies and will be reading World War Z for the zombie month in the Paranormal Challenge of Auntie Spinelli’s that I am doing. I have a TON of vampire fiction.
I'm picking Vampires too but mostly because zombies scare me. They really scare me.

8. What do you love most about book blogging?
All the people that I have met. Seriously, the blogging community is full of so many different types of wonderful people that all share a love of books. I have never found a better place that I fit in.
I agree! I love book bloggers and I have made some awesome friends.

Thanks Jaclyn for stopping in.  Everyone please give Jaclyn a very warm welcome!!
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  1. This turned out great! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I really enjoyed doing our interviews together. :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. Yea! Dr. Pepper! We DP fans have to stick together. :) And I hear ya on the kiddo running. I'm married, but the shift my husband works, I feel like a single mom. I do all the work in the evenings. It's crazy and rough on some days, but so worth it. :)

    Great interview Jaclyn!

  3. Great interview. Sorry that I'm stopping by so late. I am Vampire too! Anne Rice ones and now Cherie Priest too! Love me some bloodsuckers. LOL! Welcome to the book blogging family Jaclyn!

  4. Nice interview! I'm definitely checking out Jaclyn's blog! : )

  5. Love this interview and Jaclyn I got the accent on tradition and NOW its on the edge of my mind why. Ughh I can' remember exactly where its from, but I'll be back when I do!

  6. HA! Figured it out!!!! From Ever After...its Tradition! Okay, I'm done acting like a loon. Lovely interview!

    1. Lol. I knew you would get it. When I got this on my phone, I couldn't help but smile.

  7. Love the 'golden rule' idea... I always do return a comment, and I try to comment on posts I'm reading... although I always get behind, and then have to do SO MUCH commenting at once (ahem, which is what I'm doing now ;)).

    1. It gets harder and harder when life gets crazy. I get to them late as well.


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