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Character Interview: Danielle Shumaker by Stephanie Nicole Norris

This is the first time I've had a character interview over on Reflections of a Bookaholic and I'm a quite a bit excited to introduce you to Danielle Shumaker.

Thank you for joining us today at Reflections of Book-a-holic Danielle, how are you today?

I’m good I’ve got things to do so this better be quick.

If you need to reschedule by all means (she interrupts me)

I’m already here now so just ask your questions.

Ok, tell us a little bit about yourself Danielle.

What do you want to know, I’m in my early thirties don’t have any kids running around that’s about it.

What about work?

I was working for the newpaper in Memphis Tennessee but was let go.

What happened?

I got into some trouble in Chicago.

I’ve got a newspaper here that says there was some sort of accident in Chicago in Paradise condominiums and it has your name written all over it, why don’t you tell us about that?

I actually can’t talk about it right now.

Why not?

My attorney gave strict instructions (she smirks)

That’s ok, we’ll find out later. So what’s going on with you, Victoria, and Joshua?

You sure do ask a lot of questions.

I’m trying to get your side of the story. I’m here to help you give insight to how you feel in all of this after all you are the one causing the trouble.

You want to know my side of the story? Well let’s see, Joshua and I had still been sexually involved all the way up to about a year and a half ago when he decides to just drop me like a bad habit and move to Chicago with Victoria. I mean who does he think he is and who is she?

I see, but why be mad at Victoria? 

 She knew we were a couple before they started seeing each other and she continued to see him, took him right away from up under my nose like most of these unloyal skanks do.

By unloyal skanks do you men or women in general?

Yeah, whatever.

Did Victoria owe you any loyalty I didn’t know you were friends.

We’ve never been friends, but it should be the code of every woman not to mess with another woman’s man.

How do you know she knew this? I’ve talked to Victoria several times and she’s never said anything that shows she knew about you and him.

Do you really expect her too?

So now what, you plan to continue to destroy your life to destroy theirs?

(The chair scoots back and she stands up) Sometimes you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do.

(She leaves)

Well that’s the end of the interview ladies and gents Danielle Shumaker has left the building.

I must admit that Danielle had a point about a few things even though I'm not sure I cared for her attitude.  There are two sides of the story, I guess I'll have to wait to read the entire story and hold my judgments till I find out the gossip facts.

Vengeful Intentions

Part II of Trouble In Paradise Blurb

After serving eight long months in jail and becoming obsessed with the woman who put her there Danielle Shumaker is released when the evidence held against her comes up missing. With Victoria clouding her mind with thoughts of revenge Danielle is caught off guard when someone else wants to make her pay for her past transgressions.

Not needing the added drama Victoria is still torn between her feelings toward Greg and her undying love for Joshua. With new knowledge that Danielle has been released from jail; Victoria is stunned into disbelief knowing that Joshua has not been honest with her.

Things heat up when Joshua catches wind of Victoria’s affair and Caroline wants her husband back by any means necessary. Will this love story end in tragedy or will these couples learn to forgive and forget? Find out in part II of Trouble In Paradise.

~Love Is A Drug Ink~ Releases July 16, 2012
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  1. She sounds bent on revenge--I would totally not want to be in her line of fire!

    I love character interviews they give you a glimpse of the character without giving away the story :)

  2. She's a prickly one eh? She sound like she's hell bent on causing some trouble. Sounds like my kind of book drama.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Danielle can be more then a handful sometimes!

  3. Wow, I really enjoyed this book. Hoping the sequel is just as good.

  4. Danielle is a MESS!! Enjoyed the character interview. Great feature.


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