Monday, January 29, 2018

Updates and New Content Topics!!!

A few things have been swirling in my mind since late last year...

I think it's pretty common knowledge that the blog doesn't follow the same format as years past.  I've given up on trying to maintain the 3 book a week + audio schedule and probably won't take review requests anymore.

  • I just can't commit to a certain schedule
  • I don't read as much or as often #adultingsucks
  • I want to spend the time I have reading and not reviewing

But the blog isn't going anywhere.  There's a lot of content here that I don't want to disappear and I do still want to talk about books and reading here.  It's my first love after all. I'm just not going to apologize or feel guilty (all me and no one else) because things aren't as consistent here.

Expect to see some Organizing and Planning stuff popping up around here.  Last year, I made a concerted effort to plan better so that I could spend more time doing the things I love (i.e. reading) and found a whole community.  I'm going to share here.  I know a lot of reader girls are also planner girls so let's discuss.  That's what we do here!

I've started a Youtube channel (ultimate amateur here though) where I hope to post book and planner videos and I'm also active on instagram (follow me if you are interested).

This is going to be fun year guys!!  Let me know your thoughts about these changes!!
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  1. Replies
    1. It's very much new. I'm excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I'm such a perfectionist. But if anyone remembers how this blog started out, they'd understand that the journey is part of the fun. I hope you like!

  2. I could use some good organizational tips, looking forward to the changes !


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