Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Case You Missed It...

These were so awesome, I hope you didn't miss them. Click on the images for my reviews.
  Awesome Reads Outcast The Bronze Horseman Painted Hands Never Tell Breaking the Rules Out of the Easy The Prey Holiday in Death Tomorrow there will be apricots Graceling

 I've had such an extreme year in reading. Either I've really really LOVED it or really didn't care for it. Not a lot in between. I'm wondering if I should prefer more of a happy medium experience where I like everything but don't love or hate anything. Thoughts?
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  1. I find myself in a reading slump when the books are just ok. I need books that I loved and ones that I don't like so much to keep my passionate. If I have too many middle books I tend to find myself not wanting to read as much.

  2. So jealous. I think more than 50% of my 2013 reads were average. Only a few really great books. Hopefully I will get to a few good ones soon. Like you said the year ain't over.

  3. I hear ya. I've been that way too. It's been a lot of ditching (not finishing) and quite a few I adored.

  4. I remember your review of these!! :D looks like a good year so far :D

  5. Hello from New Zealand :-) I'm now hooked on your fantastic blog and will be following from now on. I too have had a year of extremes in my reading. Wouldn't want it any other way. If the book is below average it's put down and I'm movin' on to the next one. If I fall in love with it I blog about it. Win win situation.

  6. I think a person has to be honest. I'm really picky about the books I pick and will not pick anything I'm fairly certain I won't like. That being said I will always look for something good in a book even if I didn't totally love it. I've been lucky though. I only had to ditch one audio because it wasn't doing a thing for me.


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