Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dewey's #Readathon Saturday. Let's Go!

It's that time again!!!  Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-Thon is right around the corner and I've been a little quiet about it.  Twice a year in October and April the readathon rolls around.  Readers sign up to challenge themselves to read for an entire 24 hours (or as long as life allows).  There will be challenges, social media overload, and cheerleaders!

I have a few restrictions this time around (this has happened before) but I'm still in.  The Hubby is doing some traveling for work this week and I'm tagging along.  I'll be participating in a hotel room so I'm going to be extra creative with the snacks.  On top of that, we have a wedding and reception to attend on Saturday night.  I'm pretty confident that I'll get plenty of reading done despite the disruption.  After all, the Hubby and I were THAT couple that watched a college football game during the last wedding we attended.  Oopsey!

Need some help?  Check out my post on What Not to Do and my Tips and Tricks post.

I have a few things to think about though.  I need to figure out fun snacks.  I can't prepare them because I'll be in a hotel well before the readathon starts.  And I'm eating healthy (trying really hard).  Would appreciate any inspiration!  

The biggest issue will be updating my progress.  Anyone have any good apps I could use on my iPad to make updating easy?  I'm still a blogger user.

I'll update with my book list and final snack thoughts in a few days.
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  1. Ugh! I am so jealous!
    Once again I will not be joining you. I am going away this weekend.
    I'll try to check in on you and see how you are doing.
    You go girl!

    Blogger has an app but I don't rally like it, it might fit your needs for this weekend tho.

  2. The time difference is just too big

  3. Yeah RAT time! I love that you have so many plans and you are STILL doing it! Love it! I am doing the opposite. I cancelled EVERYTHING and I am locking myself inside the house. I have two books I want to finish.

    Snack ideas: Fresh fruit, chips and room service!!!
    Don't forget to read in the hotel spa too!
    Have a safe and great trip.

    1. I have done about 8 RATs and thats what I do - kick the hubby out for the weekend, tell everybody I will be bust reading ALL weekend, and lock myself in the house and don't even answer the phone!

      I wish you luck!

  4. I've never done this, but I may this time. The Goodreads app has a place where you can update your reading and it instantly updates Twitter too !

  5. Good luck!! I hope to be able to do Dewey someday...maybe when my kids are like, 10...haha. I am a horrible person to ask about healthy snacks, and as for the app, I agree with previous posters...I know of the Blogger app but can't stand it. May need to just use the browser? Which I know is also horrible on iPad/iPhone...

  6. If there's anyway you could get to a store, you could pick up some shelled edamame. I find them to be terrific snacks and good for foraging.

  7. I've thought of going to a hotel for Readathon just to get away from my house! I'll be doing most of the time at a friend's house, but then I'll go home and ignore the Hubs in favor of the books. And cheering you on! I'm one of your cheerleaders from Team Panda, so good luck tomorrow!

  8. Reading in a hotel is my dream! Other than the hotel being on an ocean front. ;) Cheering you on today with Team Panda!


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