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Review: June Bug

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June Bug by Jess Lourey
Series: Murder-by-Month Mystery #2
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 229 (eBook)
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Mira James never imagined life after college would be a doublewide trailer outside Battle Lake, Minnesota. Then again, maybe the North Country has more to offer than mosquitoes and broasted chicken. Local legend claims that a diamond necklace was lost nearly a century ago in Whiskey Lake, not far from the present day Shangri-La resort. Mira, a part-time reporter, goes fishing for the story behind the legend, but her dives turn up more than missing jewelry. Buoyed by frozen Nut Goodies and a diminutive circus performer, the exhilarating search leads to a new mystery to unravel, and puts her face to face with the surfacing of a menacing foe from her past.
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While house sitting for her friend Sunny, Mira James wakes up to find an age-old nemesis in her bed.  Mira quickly boots him out of her temporary home but not before discovering that an age-old mystery has been revived.  Pulling the tug of a prize, Mira decides to join the treasure hunt.  She didn't count on stumbling upon hints of a bigger, and perhaps more dangerous mystery around town.  Mira balances her job as a part-time reporter and librarian with solving the latest mystery revolving around unsolved crimes, a sneak from her past, a shooting, and a kidnapping.

This was my first Murder-by Month Mystery and found it to be a cute cozy mystery.  Mira finds herself in a small town with some strange happenings.  I wish I had connected with Mira more, but I figure this might have occurred if I had started from the beginning of the series.  There are tons of things going on and a few laughs but ultimately I found this read to fall just a bit short.  It could have been more funny and had more engaging characters.  It had it's moments but I never found my interest truly piqued.  The side characters were plentiful but none got enough face-time for the reader to get attached.  Overall a decent cozy mystery read.

I haven't read many cozy mysteries.  What's your favorite type of mystery?

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  1. Aww, meh doesn't sound great. I don't think this whole cozy mystery thing would be for me.

  2. I have not read many mystery books. But I will pass on this.


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