Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nerd Girl Emotions (Spoilers Ahead)

I don't know... the first two might be switched for me.
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  1. I cried (like ugly) when Rue died (that was my first ugly cry).

    I cried really ugly when Prim died (though that was out of frustration and sadness)

    When Finnick died--I thought crap there went the hot guy with the heart of gold *sad*

  2. Eh why would I be that sad when it ended

  3. i agree with you ... switch the first two!

  4. I remember when I got to that part and read how Finnick dies I just stared at the page with my mouth open. I was like "what the what !" I was in too much shock to feel anything.

    So funny !

  5. I can't with this movie. I mean towards the end of the book I felt emotionally drained and sad.

  6. LOL
    I didn't feel it for those characters but I could easily find suitable replacements for my reading experience.
    Awesome pics

  7. Ugh Finnick. I think I'm still in denial about that. Actually I haven't re-read Mockingjay at all since the first day it was released, and I'm not sure if I ever will... maybe if/when they do the movie? I really should do a series re-read; it would be interesting to compare my thoughts from then and now.


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