Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Giveaway of Thoughtful/Inspirational Reads

The holidays are a time for family, food, and gifts. I can't share food or my family.  So let's do some giveaways shall we? I mean...why not?!

This giveaway includes a trio of thoughtful and inspirational reads.  I enjoyed all three of these books!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below before the end of December.

Proof of Heaven by Mary Curran Hackett
The Stormchasers by Jenna Blum

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  1. Dressing up the christmas tree with my mother <3 Thank you and happy holidays!

  2. Cool giveaway!! :D
    I love putting all the lights up and decorating for Christmas, even though on the actual dish we don't do Christmasy stuff.

  3. making baklava - because everyone, even those who have not had it before, are excited about it.

  4. getting up super early to open presents, than being able to go back to bed while the kids play


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