Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Giveaway of Christian Fiction

The holidays are a time for family, food, and gifts. I can't share food or my family.  So let's do some giveaways shall we? I mean...why not?!

This giveaway consists of two AMAZING Christian fiction authors.  I don't review a lot of Christian fiction on the blog because I'm so picky.  I absolutely LOVE these two authors and they are two of my go to for Christian fiction.  Fill out the rafflecopter before the end of December to enter.

When Breaks the Dawn by Janet Oke (not reviewed on blog)
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (not reviewed on blog)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. I am confused, where is the rafflecopter?

    These are 2 that I am interested in.

    1. Ohh finally the rafflecopter showed up for me! It just wasn't showing up.

      My fav. candy canes are the french vanilla ones!

  2. Hi, there!

    Well, I certainly want to win these two books! To answer your question, I much prefer the traditional candy canes! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! : )

  3. Traditional.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  4. My Mother loves Janet Oke. For her birthday I bought her a whole basket full of her books.

  5. The peppermint ones are my favorite.


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