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Review: Falling Together

Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos
Genre: Adult Fiction, Women's Fiction
Pages: 360 (paperback)
Source: TLC Book Tours
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It's been six years since Pen Calloway watched Cat and Will, her best friends from college, walk out of her life.  Through the birth of her daughter, the death of her father, and the vicissitudes of single motherhood, she has never stopped missing them.  When, after years of silence, Cat--the bewitching, charismatic center of their group--urgently requests that the three meet at their college reunion, Pen can't refuse.  But instead of a happy reconciliation, what awaits is a collision of past and present that sends Pen and Will on a journey around the world, with Pen's five-year-old daughter and Cat's hostile husband in tow.  And as Pen and Will struggle to uncover the truth about Cat, they find more than they bargained for: startling truths about who they were before and who they are now.

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Falling Together is about friendship and love.  It explores the closest friendship and what happens when people grow up and out.  Here, love is explored with a focus on family though romantic love is present  as well.  For the Pen, the biggest betrayal is leaving, walking away.  With the dissolution of a close-knit friendship, the death of her father, and the end of a relationship, Pen feels more alone than ever.  When she receives an email from her friend Cat, asking for help, she can't help but look at the past and see a chance of regaining what she lost.

I fell in love with this story almost from the very beginning.  I loved the relationships between the characters, the witty banter, the random way that they connected, and the growth throughout the journey.  It's told from Pen's point of view and every once in a while we get a glimpse into Will's.  Most of the characters change throughout and achieve a growth of sorts, but my favorite came from Jason, Cat's husband, because he isn't really a likeable character, but he was complex and I was drawn in.  This isn't a fast read and it should be carefully read because it isn't linear.  At times it read like a conversation with a person with a short attention span who changes the subject as things pop in his head; you never really get to finish the original conversation.  It really made me reflect on some of my relationships, creating a strong connection on my part.  I completely get these characters.  As crazy and perhaps unrealistic as the friendship between Pen, Cat, and Will seemed, it felt so real.  I knew it could be real because I've had a friendship like that, but it seems unreal to other people because they are on the outside looking in.  I was pleasantly surprised at the progression of the plot.  It isn't particularly predictable and everything isn't tied up into a neat bow.

Overall, this one will stick with me for a long time and is one of my favorite reads of the year.  It's the kind of story that you love so much that you don't want to share (if that makes any sense).

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  1. Not sure it's for me but I loved your review. Pretty cover too. :)

  2. I am loving this book! I love the banter, the humour and the characters! It's hard to put down because I am enjoying it so much!

  3. I really must pick this up, I have been meaning too. Thanks for sharing your review

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  4. This one sounds interesting. I remember reading How Stella Got Her Groove Back and thinking the same thing about how it was written. It was more of her thought process jumping from from thing to another. My Dad used to term it think or conversation flow depending on which one was going on. I find it an interesting and realistic perspective. I love that this has great banter, growth, and relationships worth exploring. Lovely review.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what it was like. I liked it. It felt realistic and it was fun. The detours were so entertaining and I would find myself giggling along as I too learned the inside jokes. I felt like I was part of the friendship too.

  5. I love it when a book sticks with me long after I turn the final page!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  6. I love this book!!! I am reading it now and can't remember the last time I read a book that made me laugh so much!!!

    Thanks for visiting my review of A Wilderness of Error and for your kind comment. :)

    1. I know! I wish I had managed to convey how special this book truly is.

  7. Following the TLC tour :) It took me almost a week to read this book because I was reading each page slowly and savoring all the beautiful imagery and elaborate descriptions it provided. I'm so glad you enjoyed Falling Together too!

    Ana @ BookSpark

  8. Marisa de los Santos has a way of bringing her reader right into her character’s current feeling. You understand each person and their innate flaws, and love them because of it. Well done.

    Ketterman Rowland & Westlund


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