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Review: Foreshadow

Foreshadow by Brea Essex
Series: The Shadow Emperium
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance, Angels
Pages: 217 (ebook)
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Imagine discovering that your boyfriend was out to kill you—and that the annoying boy from school was your guardian angel.

Rae Davenport has already lost her mother. The only thing keeping her sane is her new boyfriend, Andrei—that is, until she finds out that he wants to kill her. Andrei is a devil, and he wants to use Rae as a sacrifice to get back into Heaven. The only one who can save her is Logan, her guardian angel. He’s only annoyed her in the past, but now he will be her savior.
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After her mother's death, Rae moves in with her foster family.  Soon she meets and goes on a date with Andrei.  When he begins to act possessive she tries to get out of the relationship.  To her dismay, Andrei will not leave her alone.  Logan, a classmate who usually teases and annoys her becomes her shoulder to lean on as they try to get away from Andrei.

I honestly write this review with a heavy heart.  I started off intrigued and it really let me down as the story went along.  My biggest problem with Foreshadow is the description and the summary that I gave is the gist of the story.  I might have actually given some things away.  It lacked development.  The conversations between the characters were one dimensional and felt contrived and unreal, the conflict became too dramatic too soon and without any real reason, and the resolution was unsatisfactory.  So many things just didn't ring true.  I just can't believe that a relationship starts after two dates within two days where neither one states the status of the relationship.  I also find it hard to believe that one would need time to get over such a relationship when it ends the next day (or a couple days afterward).  Or that one wouldn't blink when their body is capable of doing really strange things.  I also believe that a person doesn't run screaming from a birthday party when they receive a text message from a person inquiring about their location.  I understand where the story was supposed to go and what the reader was supposed to feel but the development just didn't get me there.  Lastly, the conversations between characters just seemed like filler that neither added to the plot or the characters development.  This one just didn't work for me.

Though there are plenty that would disagree with me.  Please check out goodreads for many of the 4 & 5 star reviews.

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  1. WOW! That sounds like a pass for me too! :)

  2. Definitely doesn't sound like one I'd pick up either. Sorry it was such a dud for you. Hope your next one is much better.

  3. Yeah, no I agree with you. Form the get go it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy.
    Thanks for the honest review :D
    And maybe your next read be made of awesome.

  4. I can't stand a book with unrealistic relationships and totally terrible and unbelievable dialogue. While the concept sounds interesting, I'm gonna have to pass on this one.

  5. Yucko. This one sounds like a dud for sure, which is too bad because the synopsis actually looks good. Too bad!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  6. Aww the first paragraph of the description got me really excited, but then I saw the Yuck smiley and I couldn't help getting disappointed. So sorry this didn't work out well for you, Alexis. In my experience, 200-paged books are generally not-that-good but oh, that synopsis!

  7. :( I hope your next read is better. Don't worry, sometimes you just have to write a negative review, but you are always very respectful and we know you usually have 4+ star ratings :))

  8. LOL! I always laugh at the yuck face. In fact, I can't stop giggling. Giving stuff away at the beginning?!! No!!! Not good. Nice cover though!

    1. Lol. The face doesn't come out often. When I read your comment, I had to look at the face. it made me smile too.

  9. Uh oh...that sounds very not good indeed. Thanks for posting such an honest review. And I'm with Julie, too - the yuck face makes me laugh too.


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