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Welcome to Why I Love Wednesdays!  For the month of June and July, my blogging friends will pop in to share their book loves!  I know you get tired of hearing me gush on and on so let's hear from my fellow gushers :)  Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays. Today's proclamation of love concerns our Favorite Characters!
My favorite book characters are the ones I remember long after I finish reading a book. They usually have a rare quality or quirk about them that makes them stand out above the rest. Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens's Great Expectations, Boo Radley, Scout, and Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Emily Grierson from William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily are all examples of characters that made a memorable impact on me.

As much as I love suspense and an excellent plot, a book is never truly great for me unless I can connect to the characters. If you are looking for an awesome character driven story, my top two recommendations would be Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and Robert McCammon's Swan Song.

~Jennifer from Book Den.
Blogging since January 2011.
Primary genre focus: Anything imaginative. A lot of the books I read (in any genre) can be considered "dark fiction"

The Towering Pile
My favourite book character is Elena Michaels from Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. She is the ultimate butt-kicking female protagonist. In a way Elena is like my feminist hero. You could say she's in a male-dominated profession (being the only female werewolf in the world). She's constantly surrounded by men (hyper-masculine ones, at that), and she effortlessly holds her own among them. She can fight with the best of them, and is the best tracker in the Pack. Elena is fiercely loyal, intelligent, and self-confident. She has flaws, like a real human being, and deals with a lot of inner struggles, having had a pretty messed up life, but she always ends up making decisions that, while not necessarily the best, are always understandable. Basically, Elena feels like a real person to me, and I think that's what makes a character great.

~Lianne from The Towering Pile
Blogging since Nov. 1, 2011
Primary genre focus: It's eclectic, but I read more fantasy than anything else.
Random fact about me: I collect R.L. Stine books; I have 246 of them so far!

There are so many characters that I could claim as my favourite, but the first character I thought of when Alexis presented this topic to me is Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. I’ve always identified with and adored Hermione, but when it comes down to it I think Luna is my favourite. The reason why I love Luna so much is that she has so much depth. She’s a free spirit and everyone makes fun of her for the things she likes, but she’s still brave enough to be herself. She doesn’t question her beliefs, despite the fact that people see her theories as crazy. She’s described as a bit spacey, yet she’s intelligent and dedicated enough to be sorted into Ravenclaw. Luna is a fabulous friend because she’s loyal and she will always tell you what she thinks, but she’s also kind and caring. Luna provides a lot of comic relief in the later Harry Potter books, but I also think she’s one of the smartest and bravest characters in the series.

 ~Ashley from the Book Labyrinth
Blogging since: August 2010 (Over one and a half years!)
Primary Genre Focus: YA, pretty much any genre (I especially love contemporary, dystopian, paranormal… and anything with a bit of romance in it)

Ashley is a YA Book Blogger and MLIS graduate who hopes to work in libraries and research someday, but she currently works as an admin assistant to support her book habit.
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  1. I loved Luna Lovegood as well, and I thought they got the casting for her role perfect. But there were so many HP characters to love it's hard to choose.

    And To Kill a Mockingbird was just great. I loved Scout and Boo and I really need to re read that book again.

  2. That's awesome that Ashley chose Luna Lovegood! When I was agonizing over who to write about, Luna definitely crossed my mind. She's for sure my favourite Harry Potter character!

  3. OMG! LUNA!
    she ought to be my favorite character of the series - well, tied in first with Hermione - I wish I could be her friend!!

  4. I completely forgot about Luna! Great pick!!

  5. Katniss and Harry are my favorite characters! I'm reading Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. Calla is a pretty cool character, too.

  6. I love Luna! Katniss, Harry, Sirius Black, and any of Neil Gaiman's characters are up way high on my list.


  7. Loving the Luna love in the comments =D Totally forgot this was posting, haha

    I can't wait to meet Elena and the other characters in the Women of the Otherworld series! Definitely one of my next series to start as soon as I get through some review books.


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