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Why I Love Wednesdays... Favorite Genre 2

I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays. Today's proclamation of love concerns our Favorite Genre.

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Why I Love...Mystery Novels

I have previously gushed over my love of historical fiction.  In fact, it was my first Why I Love Wednesday post.  But like most readers, I enjoy multiple reading genres.  So I find that it is time to gush once again.  This time, I feel it is time for me to share one of my first loves...mystery novels.

It started pretty darn early with Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown (before that it was Scooby Doo but we'll stick with books for now).  Could you believe what horrible things people were doing and an average person (perhaps Encylcopedia Brown wasn't so average) could figure it out and solve the mystery on their own?  It was insta-love...Me and Who-Done-Its.  It didn't stop there.  How could it?  There was so much more out there.  I then ran into Sherlock Holmes.  He made my brain hurt but I was once again astounded at the intellectual conclusions that I never saw coming.  The mystery seemed so complex and complicated.  Time and time again, I came back for more.  {Note to anyone who cares, the new Sherlock Holmes movie comes out in December...EXCITED!!}  So I continued on my journey and found more and more mysteries to solve (yes, I solve them right along with everyone else).

But then I grew up a little bit and I needed a little bit of Romance in my life.  Ned and Nancy love wasn't quite doing it for me.  Low and behold, I didn't have to switch genres.  I discovered Iris Johnsen, Linda Howard, and Nora Roberts even.  I found the mysteries I loved that included a touch of romance.  Oh I've gone and done it now.  Found bliss!!

I really discovered that I like the idea of the normal every day person solving a problem on their own.  They may be extra curious and can't mind their own business or they might be running for their lives.  But they figure it out.  And maybe there are some make-out sessions in between (crossing fingers) or maybe there are just really amazing strong characters, but these are my kind of reads.  And at the very end...there's closure.  What's not to like?

Kill and Tell: A Novel  The Search  Blood Game: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller (Eve Duncan Forensics Thrillers)

What genres do you like?  Is there one genre that you started off reading like me?  What do you think about Mystery/Suspense reads?  If you decide to make a post on your own, link  up.  If not, just post your answer in the comments.  

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  1. I started my book reading journey with the Sherlock Holmes canon. He is my favorite fictional character.

    I love blogging about Holmes and here is my review for 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'. I loved this movie :)



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