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Why I Love Wednesdays... Favorite Book Format - Ereader

I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays.    In the previous weeks I've discussed my favorite bookfavorite authortime periodreading spot,  one of my favorite series, my favorite book institution,  types of characters, and one of my favorite genres.  This week's topic: Favorite Book Format.
If you want to play along, feel free to grab the image and link your post in the linky (my first week with a linky...yay!).  Just to clarify, you don't have to write a post about how you like ereaders unless you love them.  You can write a post explaining why you like hardcovers, paperbacks, online, audiobooks, or whatever.  Also, you don't have to choose your absolute favorite.  Just pick one that you love.  Here goes.

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Why I Love...Ereaders!!

So I want to rave about my love for ereaders!  Oh I will also love the paper word and nothing quite replaces the smell of books but oh the convenience of Ereaders.  I have a Sony Ereader and I received it for Christmas.  I didn't even bother to open it for two weeks.  My mom was so hurt because she thought I didn't like her gift.  I just didn't think I would use it much.  But when I downloaded my  first book Which happened to be the Sookie Stackhouse bundle (yep. I went all in) I was hooked.  As they say..."that's all she wrote." 

I wrote a post comparing and contrasting Ereaders and the paper form so this might be a bit repetitive.  You can find the post here (and I would beg you to visit but I understand how it is).  It was so important to me that it was my first reflective post and one of the first posts on this blog.  It's just that important.

If it weren't for my Ereader, I wouldn't be able to read while attending law school.   (Do I sound dramatic or what?) In fact, I didn't read.  I missed it horribly but I didn't have time.  Ereaders create time where there is none.  Waiting for the bus...standing in line at the post office... and on and on.  It's not that I couldn't carry a book in my purse, but it is just more convenient than that.

Finish a book unexpectedly while I'm out?  Well I'll just choose another one.  Getting a little bored with my current read...well with a few touches on the screen I'll give it a switch.  Oh wait...but there's more!  My professors have an awful habit of assigning me reading.  I talk to them about it, but they just keep it up.  At times they assign us reading where we have to print it out ourselves.  Grrr... Well I don't.  I convert it to a PDF and add it to my Ereader.  Syllabus for my classes?  Always with me.  It just makes my life that much easer.  And I know this never happens to anyone but me; at times, I just don't want people to see the cover of the books I read.  I KNOW they will judge me.  No worries with an Ereader.  I am able to check out books on my Ereader like The Peach Keeper and Minding Frankie from my local library.

If I finish a book at 2am and I can't sleep, I can download the next and gett to moving.  I LOVES it!  I never have to wait.  I love that I can organize my virtual bookshelf and stay organized in a way that I can't with my bookshelf at home.  I love that I have every thing I need without the back pain.

There are so many perks that fit my lifestyle.  I can't help but be grateful to my mom for this wonderful gift.

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