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Review: A Dragon Forsaken

A Dragon Forsaken by Krystal McLaughlin
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Enchanged Island Series
Source: Author | Blog
Pages: 157 (Ereader)

From Goodreads:

In a world of mystery and magic, Daphne is unique.

Unlike her friends, who have awakened to the magic inside of them, Daphne was born with it. Daphne was born a Dragon.

When her past begins to resurface, forcing her into a web of lies and deception, she is forced to accept unexpected alliances and risk everything for the sake of love. Something that she swore she would never let into her life.

As the newest installment of The Enchanted Island Series unfolds, she'll learn that nothing is ever what it seems, and when webs get this tangled, everyone's fate hangs in the balance, and nothing is coincidence.

My Rating:

My Review:

A Dragon Forsaken picks up where The Witches Lottery left off and we follow Daphni, the dragon, as she searches for her long lost sister, Anna.  Daphni struggles because she is the only one of her kind has a secret that she must keep others from discovering for fear that they will see her as a monster.  As the story progresses, Daphni discovers that things are not as she had once thought and she needs the help of her friends to save her life.

Although A Dragon Forsaken follows The Witches Lottery, it doesn't tie up any lose ends left from that storyline.  While, this book can be read as a stand alone it contains some spoilers of the previous book.  I enjoyed this story and the twists and turns are quite unpredictable.  I never saw the end coming at all.  I finished it almost in one sitting because I just had to know what was going on.  While I enjoyed A Dragon Forsaken, some of the techniques used weren't as refreshing because I had seen the same thing in The Witches Lottery.  I hope we get out of this pattern in the next of the series.  Also, I thought there could be more showing and less telling.  The characters tells so much instead of letting the reader pick up on their moods, the story's setting, etc.  The engrossing story made it worth it though.  This was a fun read, and I would definitely read the next book in the series.
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