Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reflections: What Do You Think About Audiobooks

So I've been hearing around that June is Audiobook Month.  Which means this seems the right time to inquire about everyone's feelings about audiobooks.

I hadn't tried an audiobook before starting this blog.  Initially I mused..."Why listen when you can read?"  However, I came upon a time where I had a few roadtrips on the calendar and other bloggers made me oh so curious.  I decided to give it a try.  I've been experimenting for about five months now and have come to the following conclusions:
  1. If you can't read anyway, audiobooks are a viable option.  I would never choose an audiobook when I can read though.
  2. It doesn't really matter if the book is good if you don't like the narrator.
  3. I do zone out sometimes and have to go back a bit, but it doesn't happen often.  I thought it would happen all the time.  Nope.
  4. If a book sounds extremely good, I'll pass on the audio and read it instead.
  5. Listening to some audiobooks take a LONG time.  I get antsy.  I like short and sweet better.  BUT abridged versions are a no go.
  6. You can still use your imagination similar to reading books.  Audiobooks do not take that away.  However, it is a more passive experience.  It's like watching TV when you are cooking dinner.  Well for me anyway.
  7. I like listening to "classics" on audo over more recent books.
  8. I love it when the narrator sounds like the character (or how I think the character should sound) but sometimes (most times) sound effects are annoying.
  9. Books that change characters frequently are difficult to listen to.
  10. I prefer female narrators over male narrators (sorry guys).
  11. Audiobooks make me a more patient driver.
What are your thoughts on audiobooks?  Have you tried them?  Which did you like/dislike?  Where do you find your audiobooks?
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