Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Memes: Emotional Moments & BEA Roll-call

Follow Friday Question of the Week:

The Blogger Apocalypse made me a little emotional. What is the most emotional scene in a book that you have read lately?

So...blogger broke my heart.  It ruined a day that had already been a disaster.  First, we had a storm in Austin and the hail broke my bedroom window, resulting in massive water damage, an angry television, and a pouting laptop.  I had a final that didn't go well; after which I raced home to my books, wine, and blog.  And guess what?  No blog.  Not only no blog... no blogger community.  Pissed.  I'm OCD and I have to do things a certain way.  My blogger world is in total chaos right now.  I'm too ticked-off to fix it.  Until then... I'm going to read.

Most emotional scene in a book.  This is sad, but I don't remember.  My brain is tired and flooded with information that other people (hopefully) will never have to know.  BUT I am reading J.R. Ward's Dark Lover and boy is it steamy.  Many of these scenes are emotional because of all the hormones running around everywhere.  There were so many emotional scenes in Exposure by Therese Fowler, but I can't tell them without ruining the ending.  Sorry for the lame answer.  Let's just say that my life is overshadowing any emotion in books right now.

Blogger Hop Question of the Week:
Book Blogger Hop"Are you going to Book Expo America (BEA) and/or the Book Blogger Convention (BBC) this year?"

Unfortunately no, I am not going.  I have always read a lot, but I was never keyed into the book world.  I wish I had known how much was out there ages ago. I had never heard of these conventions until I started blogging.  I don't really know much about them and I don't know anyone (I guess that's the point in going).  This is something I would have had to get as a birthday or Christmas present from my husband or parents.  As a law student with student debt hanging over my head, I would feel extremely guilty spending that kind of money.  I wish I could go (and I wish it wasn't in New York) because I want to meet everyone and I feel out of the loop since I am not attending.  Oh well.  And I already know I can't go next year if it is around the same time, because I will be studying for the bar.  How depressing is that?

There hasn't been much around here this week (so sorry). I would still appreciate recommendations for Why I Love... Topics. You can find that post here.  I'm a tad behind on both commenting and responding to my comments (darn finals), but I will be around soon!
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