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Why I Love Wednesdays...Libraries

I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays.   Last week I discussed the types of characters I loved and the first feature considered one of my favorite genres.  This week's topic is book institutions of sorts.  For example, I have friends who swear to me that Borders is so much better than B&N.  

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Why I love...Libraries!
Although a library is not a book retailer, I chose the library for two reasons.  First, it is National Library Week and it seems the time to spotlight such an amazing institution.  Second, I didn't start buying books until the ripe old age of twenty-three when I started to teach.  So as much as I love bookstores and buying books for my Ereader, it is a relatively new experience; whereas, libraries have made me the reader I am today.

I talked about libraries last week (or was it the week before?) and discussed people's perception of libraries and the constant trend of cutting funding for them.  But that isn't what this post is about.  This post is about LOVE!  So stay with me a little bit longer and let's go on this journey together.

My first memory of libraries are connected with school libraries.  We had reader circles and we could check out books and take it home.  Many times when I think of libraries now I think of public libraries.  But it was the school library with the vibrant colors and the reading circles that amazed me.  I was a bit shy, but I tentatively introduced myself to The Grouchy Ladybug and it all began.

I also love the library because my mother and I became friends there.  Oh it isn't like we weren't friends before, but it was more like she mom.  She took me to a public library for the first time.  Taking me by the hand and telling me the rules, she helped me pick out books that were all for me.  It was probably the first time that I had seen books with black characters in them.  I was amazed.  I remember the first time I saw the cover of Amazing Grace or read the sweet story, When I Am Old with You...that was love.  And can you believe? That library let me check out 17 books.  I mean...really...who else does things like that?

When we moved to Chicago, I learned the value of the Librarian.  She was wonderful.  Her name was Mrs. White.  She would tell me what I should read and wouldn't you know...those recommendations turned out to be great reads.  This is about the time where I found Kristi, Stacey, Dawn, and Claudia in The BabySitter's Club and I guess you can the rest is history.

It was at the library that I first had the ability to get on a computer and experience the joys of the internet.  I would also buy a few books here and there for fifty cents or so.  And I've already mentioned in previous posts how much the InterLibrary Loan system blasted the doors of the library wide open.

But as I must every week, it is time to draw to a close.  My love for libraries never ended, but I admit that I stopped using them as much and getting a library card wasn't exactly the first thing on my to-do list when I moved.  Last week, however, I obtained a library card to the Houston Public Library (Why Houston? Different story for a different day).  Would you believe that you only had to live in the State of Texas to get one for the city of Houston?  How cool is that?  Get was open on a SUNDAY!!  I haven't even gotten to the best part.  

Here goes.

It lets me check out books online for my Ereader.  No joke.  Sorry to Sony's Book Store...sorry Amazon...I'm thinking we won't meet as often.  I appreciate you and all, but the libraries have you beat.  First up?  The Paris Wife.  

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