Monday, May 29, 2017

Bookish Things: Scarves in Summer?

Okay, this scarf is beautiful and creative and you should go buy it. The link to uncommon goods will take you right to it. I'm not an affiliate or anything.

Now let's talk scarves in the summer? Does anyone wear scarves in the summer? Why? How do you make that work? I'm asking because I live in Texas. I have a lazy girl (cheap) philosophy about cold weather clothing. I just don't buy them.  I grin and bear the cold until it passes. Because it's just not cold that long. But I love the look of scarves. If I could learn to wear them all year round, I might just start building a collection.

Any thoughts or helpful hints?
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  1. I adore literary scarves, I was tempted at BookCon and a local indie has them too. BUT THAT PRICE TAG.

    Chicago is super breezy so cardigans and scarves are always acceptable!

    1. I live in Texas so... I'm starting to think I'm not going to make it work.

  2. Yup same here. Toronto can be chilly anytime in the summer so I keep those scarves and cardigans handy.

  3. I am originally from NC and just moved out to TX with the hubby 2 yrs ago and I think you can still rock a light weight scarf even in this horrid Texas heat. It's a nice versatile accessary that's good to have when you're moving in and out of different environments. For instance I'm known to get chilly in a restaurant or movie theater so I love having a fashion scarf available in lieu of a sweater. It's just cuter🤗. Also an infinity scarf can be worn in so many different cute ways. Try it out!😊


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