Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's Okay. I Promise.

I haven't bought a new book in a long time. I'm starting to get nervous every time I choose a new book from the bookshelf. What if I run out?!
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  1. I just blew the last of my book money in amazon, and now I need to stop buying for a while and I'm sad already. :(

  2. I think I have a problem. Every time I say no more book buying and start making a wee bit of a dent in the ones that have overtaken my room, I go out and buy more! But I guess I'd rather be addicted to and spending money on books than anything else.

  3. I know the feeling. Even when I have 10 books to read, I panic when I get below that.

  4. Ha! I hear ya. That's usually when I hit the library.


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