Saturday, June 28, 2014

Your First Love...

Which book was your first love?  Bonus if you can tell me about the first person you fell in love with...

Me?  Perhaps Charlotte's Web
First Person?  My dad... when he came up to school to surprise me by having lunch with me.  I must have been in first grade.  My dad was a military man and had been away.  I had been having a bad day.  He made everything better and he continued to do so all my life.  I don't get surprise lunches these days but he still pops up when I need him most.
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  1. Wow, that's an awesome awesome quote.
    For me... I guess it was, well, Little Women, I was obsessed with it for so long and I kept going over it and how I would change it, it kind of made me want to write - and when I look back into the stuff I've written, I do lots of things with large complex families and jealousy and sisters :D

    And first person... well, his name was Victor and I sat next to him for two years at prep school - we chose different focus areas for senior year so we weren't in the same classroom anymore - never went anywhere though. I was too shy and kind of uninterested in getting a boyfriend, and he liked more outgoing people. :)

  2. Love that quote, rings so true. I recently talked about my 'first book loves,' so this was nice to read.

  3. I don't know if it shapes us as much as it reveals things about us. Fun share!

  4. The one that I can actually REMEMBER was Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Loved the Ramona books! I wouldn't say I had my real first love until college. But my first real crush was this kid named Shawn. I'm almost sure that if I hadn't switched schools for 5th grade he would have asked me to the 5th grade dance.

  5. Aw! So sweet! I love this post!


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