Saturday, February 15, 2014



This is me. Include the glasses. Include the bun. This is me.
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  1. Love it! Me too. Except for me it's minus the glasses and add huge blankets.

    1. I have the huge blankets too. And the socks. I forgot to mention the socks.

  2. Definitely add the blankets, but I may need to remove my glasses. Instead I'll set the book on a pillow. :) Cute.

  3. Yeah thats' me now! hair is long enough to go in a bun and recently got glasses, just please no blankets, it's too darn hot for that!

    Seriesly Reading

  4. I actually take off my glasses to read lol, :)

  5. This would be me if I hadn't chopped my hair off to where I can't do the bun ;)
    Plus it seems kind of contradictory to be wearing a skirt and a scarf, like if you are really cold, put on some pants haha

  6. Add socks and a lamp and that is me too.

  7. I am going to go sock shopping now. LOL! I would love a pair of reading socks! That is an awesome idea.


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