Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Trying to Use Twitter, Ya'll!

I've never really used Twitter for the blog because I always feel like I'm talking to myself. But maybe it's just me.

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  1. I love twitter! I tweet nonsense all day :) It keeps me sane at work :)

  2. I like Twitter, but it does take some getting use to. I'm probably talking to myself about 85% of the time as not many people reply back to me. Lol

    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction

  3. twitter is cool, but i haven't been on mine in a while. must get back to it soon.

  4. I tweet but I never really expect a reply. Just throwing thoughts to the wind mainly. I do a lot of auto-tweets (if that is a word) where I have my blog and Goodreads hooked up together. So when I post anything on there it goes to Twitter automatically.


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