Tuesday, January 15, 2013

December Giveaway Winners!


Here are the winners of the all the December Giveaway winners!

Giveaway of Mysteries - Tia
Giveaway of Thoughtful Reads - Alex from a Girl, Books, and Other Things
Giveaway of Historical Fiction - Jennifer from Jennifer's Asylum
Giveaway of Not Quite Chick-Lit -Lily B. from Lily Pond Reads
Giveaway of Nonfiction - Nancy from Unabridged Chick
Giveaway of Romance - Dianna from Stories After Twelve
Giveaway of Big Events - Julie from Red Handed
Giveaway of Historical Fiction 2 - Erin Williams from The Paperback Stash
Giveaway of Women's Fiction - Cyn 209
Giveaway of 2 Mysteries + - Susan from Dab of Darkness
Giveaway of Misc. - Stephanie from The Eclectic Girl
Giveaway of Christian Fiction - Lisa
Giveaway of Maeve Binchy - Shirley from My Bookshelf

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway : )  I loved reading about everyone's favorite traditions, holiday cheer and fun.  I can't wait to do this again!

The winner will have 48 hours to respond with their address. If there is no response, I will choose a new winner. Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway. The winner was selected by Rafflecopter.

Didn't win this time? No worries, I'll have another giveaway soon to celebrate my two year blogoversary!
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  1. Wow! Looks like I won *Smiles*
    Congrats to all the winners :D
    *throws confetti*
    *keeps throwing confetti*
    *runs out of confetti*

  2. OMG you generous girl! Look at that list! BRAVO! Congrats all.

  3. Hooray! Thank you! And congrats to everyone else. I'll be looking for your email so I can send you my mailing address.

  4. thank you, thank you!!! i emailed back to you!!! can't wait to receive my books!!!!

  5. Dont know if I made it in time, didnt know I wont, maybe not. Will check email now lol

  6. Looks like I can't find it in my email. It could have been lost, who knows, I get a lot of spam too. Will email you

  7. Yay!! Congrats!! Thank you for all of the generous contests!


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