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Review: Home Front

Home Front by Kristin Hannah
Genre: Women's Fiction, Military, Contemporary
Pages: 388 (Hardcover)
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All marriages have a breaking point. All families have wounds. All wars have a cost. . . .

Like many couples, Michael and Jolene Zarkades have to face the pressures of everyday life---children, careers, bills, chores---even as their twelve-year marriage is falling apart. Then an unexpected deployment sends Jolene deep into harm’s way and leaves defense attorney Michael at home, unaccustomed to being a single parent to their two girls. As a mother, it agonizes Jolene to leave her family, but as a solider she has always understood the true meaning of duty. In her letters home, she paints a rose-colored version of her life on the front lines, shielding her family from the truth. But war will change Jolene in ways that none of them could have foreseen. When tragedy strikes, Michael must face his darkest fear and fight a battle of his own---for everything that matters to his family.

At once a profoundly honest look at modern marriage and a dramatic exploration of the toll war takes on an ordinary American family, Home Front is a story of love, loss, heroism, honor, and ultimately, hope.

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My Review:
Michael and Jolene's marriage is falling a part.  Neither seems to understand the other.  Michael is a defense attorney who works long hours, often breaking promises to be there for his family.  Jolene is in the Guard, a job that saved her life after tragedy, providing friends and family.  Her family at homes doesn't understand how important her job is to her.  On top of this Jolene has two daughters that she is often raising alone since Michael is so busy with his job.  Then Michael drops a bomb on Jolene.  He tells her he doesn't love her anymore.  The next day she is deployed to fight in a war that Michael doesn't believe in and her girls don't understand just when her marriage is falling apart.  Michael must step in and balance his job and his family.  Jolene must go to war; their lives change forever.  But war is hard.  No one imagined how hard it would be.

It isn't possible to describe how much I loved this book.  There is no description that can possibly capture the growth and emotion present in this book.  Michael starts off selfish and Jolene seems a bit too perfect.  But as time progresses, each character must face their own demons.  It doesn't happen quickly, nor is it easy.  The description of a military family felt dead-on.  My family was a military family and it all felt so real.  There's such a tension for those in the military.  There's a pull to be there for your family and do your job for your country.  Kids don't quite understand that and Ms. Hannah captured that perfectly.  The raw emotion present can certainly bring tears.  Not only are their marital issues but there is much tragedy and sadness.  The entire family changes in the end.

I was reading this when we first moved into the new place.  Stuff was everywhere and we had to get up early to pick up more furniture.  But I stayed up until 5 am  reading this the bathtub (water was so cold!) because I just couldn't put it down.  It's that good.

Overall, this is such a great book.  Everyone should read it.  Even if it doesn't sound like it's your cup of tea, it is.  It really is.

P.S.  On a side note, we didn't get to pick up more furniture the next morning because someone stole our Uhaul.  Who does that?!
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  1. Ahh I have read a few of her book but have not read this one yet.
    Thanks for the great review!

  2. How rude that someone stole your Uhaul. I'm read a couple of her books and really enjoyed them. I'll have to check out this one, plus it sounds like it would make a great christmas gift.

    1. It would be a lovely Christmas gift. I can't believe people have the audacity to steal something so...huge!

  3. What? Now that is just not cool, but then thieves are not nice

  4. I haven't read anything by her yet, but sounds great.
    SO sorry to hear that happened to you, btw.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  5. I think I have this book loaded on my reader. I need to go and check. Sounds like an emotional one and I'm kind of thankful I never had to live the military life. I can't imagine being separated for such long periods from my family.

    On the UHAUL...people are crazy as hell. I can't believe they took a UHAUL.

  6. I hope nothing was in your Uhaul when they nabbed it. I mean....Some folks!!


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