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Review: The Maze Runner (Audiobook)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Series: Maze Runner #1
Genre: Dystopia. YA
Length: 10 hours and 50 minutes
Narrator: Mark Deakins
Source: eLibrary
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When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. His memory is blank. But he’s not alone. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by kids who welcome him to the Glade—a large, open expanse surrounded by stone walls.

Just like Thomas, the Gladers don’t know why or how they got to the Glade. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze that surrounds them have opened. Every night they’ve closed tight. And every 30 days a new boy has been delivered in the lift.

Thomas was expected. But the next day, a girl is sent up—the first girl to ever arrive in the Glade. And more surprising yet is the message she delivers.

Thomas might be more important than he could ever guess. If only he could unlock the dark secrets buried within his mind.
My Rating:

My Review:
Thomas wakes up in a box and the only thing he remembers is his name.  He finds himself in a world run by teenage boys who no little more about how they got there than Thomas.  The walls close at night and mechanical monsters try to kill those caught outside the walls.  Ever day the boys hope to survive by performing jobs within their community and trying to solve the riddle of the maze right outside their doors.  They simply want to go home, wherever that is.  Though Thomas can't remember his past, some boys find him vaguely familiar.  They do not remember the details, but simply know him as a threat.  When a the only girl ever to enter the maze comes up in the box shortly after Thomas and declares that things are about to change, the boys know that they must solve the maze soon or all perish.

On the story...
This is one of those stories that didn't sound like my kind of book.   I gave it a try because I running out of dystopian options on audio.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The book took a little while to get started and the writing wasn't especially exciting but the plot and characters were amazing.  The boys were well developed and I found myself attached to a few of them.  I was intrigued by the maze.  As I learned more about the boys' lives, I became even more fascinated by the entire premise.  Things are unveiled bit by bit with plenty of adventure in between.  I loved how each boy's personality showed through and I found favorites in Meinho, Newt, and Chuck.  I was so invested and wanted them to succeed.  It really drew me in.

On the narrator...
Mr. Deakins did a great job.  The voices were distinct and well done.

Very intriguing story that kept me guessing from beginning to end.  Just when I thought I understood, the epilogue told me I didn't.  This is another example of a dystopian that doesn't look like the rest.  This is a different type of dystopian.

 P.S.  This goes toward that Dystopia challenge that I committed to.  I wasn't kidding when I said there were more to come.  It'll start winding down soon though.

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  1. This sounds freaky. I need to know why they are there

  2. Man I love how dedicated you are to your challenges. *stares at own challenges o.O*

    I never took the time to read the summary to this book but my cousin has been asking me about it (she knows I have a book blog so I'm her go to person for all things bookish).

    Luckily I have no expectations so this sounds like I would enjoy it!

    Great review and Happy Sunday!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    1. Lol. I don't know what gave me that burst, but when I started I couldn't stop because I was having so much fun. It is surprisingly really really good. I shouldn't say surprising but it's different than what one would expect.

  3. YES! Glad to know that you enjoyed this one. I have yet to read it but hear good things and am anxious to read it because I so need a dystopian to jump start my love for them again. The last two I've read were so awful I didn't finish one and want to smack myself for finishing the other. Sounds like this is one I can actually look forward to.

    1. Oh I'll have this one and more for you when I do my challenge wrap up post. Which one did you finish and not like? Was it Wither? I stayed far far away from that one because of your hilarious review.

  4. Oh, the Maze Runner, I keep avoiding this book though I don't know why, possibly the distopia thing.
    Still! You're so on-point with your challenges! that's great.

    1. Lol. I'm taking down these challenges one by one. It's weird because I can see why you would steer clear but it's actually surprisingly good.

  5. Oh good! Sounds like maybe I should try the audio.

  6. I've heard a lot of great things about this book. I liked that it grabbed you and not your ordinary kind of dystopian read. Thanks for the review!

    1. No problem! It really isn't like any of the others and I liked that. It also kept me on my toes. I really didn't know what would happen. It was one big puzzle.

  7. Thanks for the review. I've been trying to read this for months! Now since I don't have a bunch of extra time, I was thinking of picking this up on audio to listen to at work. I'm going to have to try get it from the library real soon!

    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction

    1. I think picking it up on audio would be great. I enjoyed it on audio.

  8. I love your review. This is one of the books on a list that needs to be completed for school. Plus, if I listen to the audiobook -- I think I can shoot two birds with one stone! :-)


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