Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: Hours 13-18

Wow, I can't believe we are half way done!  I've accepted that I'm going to spend a significant amount of time checking on friends and tweeting.  I'm over it.  I'm reading, socializing, and rolling with it!

Hour 13:

Book: Veil of Night (finishing soon)
Prior Hour's progress: 35
Mood: Relaxing
Updates: Not many changes going on over here.   Grandma finished Meagan's Chance by L.C. Monroe. Whoot Whoot!
Mini-Challenges: Mid-Event Survey

  1. How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? I'm pretty relaxed so I know sleepiness will follow.  Surprisingly my eyes are fine
  2.  What have you finished reading? I've only finished Garden Spells but will finish Veil of Night in the near future
  3. hat is your favorite read so far? Garden Spells of course
  4. What about your favorite snacks? It's a tie between the Bread pudding & Tuna 
  5. Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love! I have, but not all of them are blogs!
    1. I found @travelingreadr because she's been a great cheerleader
    2. Lillie from Read my Mind caught my attention
    3. Laura from Owl Tell You About it has an awesome spot
    4. Lindsey Sparks from Sparks Notes is great too.

Hour 14: No Update

Mini-Challenges: Library Experience
One of the first memories I remember at my local library involves the first time the Librarian helped me find a book.  I very young, and a very nice lady came and talked to me.  I just remember her asking me a bunch of questions and giving me a lot compliments.  Then she said she had to show me something.  She then picked out 15-20 books for me.  I remember feeling so excited like I received a present.  I also felt so special because of the attention.  I don't remember what the books were called but I remember that I enjoyed it and never forgot that little interaction.

Hour 15:

Book: The Sweetheart Hoax by Christy Hayes
Prior Hour's progress: Finished Veil of Night (2 down)
Mood: Strangely alert;
Updates: Finished Veil of Night and it was pretty good.  Mom's slowing down.  Grandma took a shower to wake up but we are all hanging in there.
Mini-Challenges: Picturrific (will do after I get into the book more)

Hour 16: No Update

Hour 17:

Book: The Sweetheart Hoax
Prior Hour's progress: I'm on kindle so I don't know pages but I'm 35% done.
Mood: Alert and focused (this book is good!)
Updates:  Mom and Grandma are up.  I just had to start off with them because the motivate me to keep going.  I cannot possible go before them.  My mom already outlasted me last time.  As for me, I'm in a really good book that is zooming by.  I've started updating every other hour now because it is a little more quite on the blogosphere but I'm still checking in on everyone.
Mini-Challenges: Me & My Book

Hour 18:

Book: The SweetHeart Hoax (mom's reading Catching Fire)
Prior Hour's progress: 75% done
Mood: Excited! I'm having fun!
Updates:  Our team is still making it but mom and grandma are getting tired.  Go team!
Mini-Challenges: Reading for Charity
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  1. Yay grandma! Keep going you three!

    1. I my grandma over here so she could see you guys cheering for her :)

  2. OH Bread Pudding! YUM!!!!!

    Go Alexis!
    Go Mom!!
    Go Grams!!!

  3. Go Grandma!! Hmm so far I've only had fried ham and goldfish. I enjoyed them both! But my Mom ismaking me some ox tails and collard greens and I can't wait. The social aspect can certainly suck you in. I'm not big on twitter even though I want to be. I'm sure you'll finish up your current book in dure time. Have fun!

    1. Did you get your ox tails and collard greens? How your mom doing?

  4. Woo hoo, you're doing great! I'm still in, too - can't believe we're more than halfway there now. I was very sleepy about an hour ago and thinking about a nap, but I seem to be over the hump now and can keep going.

  5. Give me an R!
    You got your R you got your R!
    Give me an E!
    You got your E you got your E!
    Give me an A!
    You got your A you got your A!
    Give me an D!
    You got your D you got your D!
    What Does that spell?

    Good enough cheer?
    You can do it you are on the home stretch!

  6. You three are doing so awesome! What fun to be able to do something like this together. I love bread pudding-enough said on that. Lol. I love your library story. You know I can still remember from some of my earliest memories of being at the library with my mom picking out books and then taking them home thinking I had the whole world in that bag.

    Keep up the good work ladies!

  7. I love your library story. :) That's so nice!

  8. I love my Kindle, but I hate that it doesn't give the page number (but it only bothers me during Readathon):)

    Books, books
    big and small
    Stay up late
    and read them all!

  9. It must be great to actually share your experience with your mom and grandma!! Keep going! I just had my first real library experience in a long time (I stayed away from them since after the school years) and I can still relate to yours! :)

  10. Yay, you're still in it! I'm hanging in, too, although my breaks are getting longer as I'm moving soooo slowly. But we can do it, I know it.

  11. You know I didn't think about making Tuna yesterday! That totally would have rocked as a snack! I love tuna and crackers :)

    1. Me too! And it is the perfect snack while reading. No loud crunching :)


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