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Review: I Loved You First

I Loved You First by Reena Jacobs
Genre: YA, Coming of Age
Pages: 159 (ebook)
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My best friend was more than just a best friend to me. Three words summed it up: I heart him. I’d never tell him though. I wasn’t stupid. Besides, what he’d told no one, but me, was a little something I wished I could forget… or ignore. He was gay. I guess gay wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t so in love with him. Now it was just cruel.
 Stereotypes run amok in this college love story: Parties, alcohol, hookups, and breakups. Alexandria Carmichael may find it a bit much as she deals with the unreturned love from the boy who completes her. When all is revealed, not only does she risk losing her best friend forever, but also herself. Without her childhood companion for support, Alexandria takes a journey of self-discovery but fears what she’ll find at the end

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Alex has found herself in the most difficult situation of her life.  Not only is she in love with her best friend who happens to be gay, but she has allowed herself to disappear in a crowd and she doesn't even know how to stand up for herself anymore.  Both Seth and Alex face difficult issue but they've always had each other.  This time, it looks like even a best friend can't set things right.

I really enjoyed this book.  The premise drew me in and I was not disappointed.  Not only is Alex in love with her best friend Seth, but she is starting college and dealing with the issues and insecurities with that.  I also loved that there were no easy answers for the character.  The situation sounded very realistic and extremely relevant.  However, I wished that Ms. Jacob had addressed some of the issue that came up a little bit more.  Serious issues like sexuality, suicide, and drugs were brought up but seemed to be skated over.  I also didn't quite connect with Alex.  I understood that Alex was in love with Seth because she said it over and over again but I'm not quite sure that I believed it.  Her actions didn't seem to show that she was in love with him.  In fact, I think she could have been a better friend.  However, I think if I understood why she was in love with him, it would have been a little less teenage drama/angst and I would have been a bit more invested in the conflict.

Overall, this was a very good read that kept me interested from beginning to end.

I also loved that Ms. Jacobs set the story in a college setting.  I would love to see more of that in books.  Does anyone know of any good reads that take place in a college setting?

This book satisfies the 2012 Multicultural Book Challenge

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  1. Oh my the synopsis alone was enough to want to read this book. Now I have this intense urge to hear Regina Spektor's Samson. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Interesting! I have never heard of this one. It sounds like it had a few flaws but held your interest. Great review, Alexis!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  3. There are so few books set in college--I don't really know why! If I were in HS, I'd be thrilled to read about college stuff (hey, I would at my age, too). Nice review.

  4. Hm..*thinking* Well I am sure I have read college setting books but I can't think of one at the top of my head

  5. I'd also like to see more college setting books. College was one of the most amazing times in my life so I'd love to see the different perspectives that can be drawn from such an important time in one's life. The book premise sounds pretty interesting and I'm wondering how it all plays out. Kind of reminds me of that movie The Eye of the Beholder.

    1. I've never seen the movie. But I certainly agree about college settings. I grew so much and learned so much about the world (and boys) during that time.

  6. The college setting is so rare! I love it though :) And this sounds like such a good book - I can really relate to that character. I know what it's like to lose yourself in the crowd (I suppose most of us do, right?) So this sounds great!

    Thanks for the review!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. I can definitely relate. I wish college settings were less rare.

  7. Hehe, I get your point. I found the Alex-Seth relationship to be quite strange and it sort of stuck with me. I think it would have been extremely interesting if the issues you mentioned would have been addressed more, it would have made this a mature read, something I'm sure we both would have enjoyed more.

    Great review, great points. And I agree, the college setting it way too rare...or maybe we're reading the wrong books for it and there's someone out there thinking "Gosh, I wish authors wouldn't set up book in college anymore, I'm sick of it!", lol.


    1. The relationship was a bit strange. It's interesting because my best friend in college was a guy so I get how that works. So I was expecting a bit more...depth in the relationship I think.

      P.S. I also ended up marrying that's kind of...hmmm...I don't know what that says about guy/girl friendships.


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