Saturday, October 8, 2011

Follower Appreciation Extravaganza (900): Giveaway of the "Awesomes"

I'm the first to admit that my rating system is a bit peculiar.  I rate books using faces because they express the emotions I feel after completing a book.  My lowest rating is Yuck and my highest rating is Awesome.  In between we have Meh and Good.

Yuck ratings usually mean that I am mad that I started the book and had to finish it (I finish all books I start).  It is also a rating that I give to a book where I feel like I utterly wasted my time and got NOTHING out of the experience.  This does not mean that there isn't someone else who wouldn't enjoy it.  It just means that I wouldn't recommend it.

Meh ratings mean that the book didn't do it for me.  Usually there is something so irritating or awful that it overwhelms all the positive things about the book.  I'm often indifferent about these books.  Again, I don't assume that others won't like it.  I just won't recommend it myself.  I may or may not feel like reading the book was a waste of my time.

Good ratings are the books that are really good.  I enjoyed them.  It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend it to people who like similar books.  Many of these books would fall into my favorites list.  There may be irritating things in the book but overall, the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

The Awesome ratings are few and far between.  In my 9 months of blogging, there have been only 15 books given the awesome rating (This number may have changed...I am currently writing this post in September I have a whole month for those stats to change!).  These are books that I would recommend to all readers, regardless of preferences.  These are books that well-written, engaging, and often inspiring (but not always).  These books have the "it" factor.

Now for the Giveaway!!
This is a giveaway of books that have received the Awesome rating here at Reflections of a Bookaholic!!  I know that was a long-winded way to get to the point.  But there it is.

The Prize: 1 US winner may choose out of the books below and will also get The Great Gatsby Bag.  1 International winner may choose any book that has been given an awesome rating before September 15.  This may seem a bit unfair but there is a US only giveaway so it evens out.
32 Candles: A NovelThe House on Mango StreetBetween Shades of GrayThe Stormchasers Last Dance At Jitterbug LoungeQuentinsThose Who Save Us
International prizes: Click on this link to see the books that were given an Awesome Rating (with the exception of Treasure Me).   
Who Can Win?  There will be a US winner and an International winner : )
How Long Do You Have?  This giveaway ends on October 15
To Enter:  Fill out this form.  You must be a follower.

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