Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I Love Wednesday...Favorite Book Season/Weather (Rainy)

I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays. Today's proclamation of love concerns our Favorite Reading Season or Weather.  What season/weather is the most fun to read in?

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Why I Love...Reading in the Rain!!
Some people love summer reading.  I'll admit that laying on the beach with a wonderful read and the water rushing in your ears is pretty nice.  BUT.  Reading in the rain is better.  Yeah I said it.  Reading in the rain (rather...while it is raining) is my absolute favorite.

Rain provides the most wonderful ambiance.  I love the gentle tapping outside my window when I am reading J.R. Ward's Love Eternal.  It makes Mary and Rhage's love wow.  Let's not forget that rain comes in all shades and sizes.  I certainly don't mind the thunderstorms or crashing rain against my window as I read Catching Fire.  It makes the games that much more intense.  My romance  novel is much more exciting and I have nowhere else to go--though I may have much to do.  It is so hard to describer bliss.  Or why bliss is present when I am in my special chair, with my special book, while the rain is begging to come in.

Rain is nothing but cozy.  When I'm inside and it is raining outside, I feel oh so safe.  I appreciate that I am dry and warm.  When it is raining, I snuggle a little deeper, drink my tea, and get a bit more lost into the world I am reading.  Of course it helps that I feel that I shouldn't go anywhere at all (who needs to be out in that stuff).  I have to say...when there is a book in my hand, I prefer the rain to the sunshine.

"Sing loud for the sunshine. Pray hard for the rain."
— Led Zeppelin  

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