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Double Mini-Reviews: Hunger Games and Dark Lover

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Genre: Dystopian, Post Apocaliptic, YA
Pages: 264 (Ereader)

"Maybe if I had thanked him at some point, I'd be feeling less conflicted now.  I thought about it a couple of times, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself.  And now it never will.  Because we're going to be thrown into an arena to fight to the death.  Exactly how am I supposed to work in a thank-you in there?  Somehow it just won't seem sincere if I'm trying to slit his throat."
Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
Genre: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Adult Fiction
Pages: 398 (Ereader)

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing their enemies more than Wrath, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood... 
 My Ratings:

Hunger Games:
The Hunger GamesQuick Thoughts:  Courage. Fear. Survival.  Pain. Triumph
Well everyone has reviewed this every which way and back.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  The book is about the games but I didn't find myself tapping my foot impatiently before I got to the main part of the story. I was enthralled from the beginning.  I knew this book was "awesome" when Peeta said "Because...because...she came here with me."  I resisted this book for so long because the concept reminded me of Lord of the Flies.  Here there is a strong connection with the characters and there is a back story that matters.  I loved this book, but interestingly, I'm not sure I want to read the rest of the trilogy.  I'm afraid.  I don't want to go through more of the same.  The games almost killed me the first time around.  Anyone understand where I'm coming from?  Is there any advice for me?  Help.  I want a happily ever after NOW.

Dark Lover
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)Quick Thoughts: Sex. Vampires. Darkness. Intrigue. Leather.
Everywhere I look people LOVE this series and I definitely think it has potential.  However, I thought Dark Lover was merely an introduction.  I didn't get excited or connected until the last 150 pages or so.  I eventually fell in love with Wrath, but I'm not sold on Beth.  If anything, this book left me intrigued and wanting more.   I just hope the rest go further toward actually satisfying me (no pun intended).  On that note, I must say.  Boy is this book steamy.  It really took me by surprise.  This is definitely ADULT fiction.  Unlike most romances, it leaves nothing to imagination.  I  enjoyed the read but it took me too long to get there.  Interestingly, I feel sure that I will read the rest of this series even though I thought it was just "meh."  It has so much potential and I wan to hear more about all that leather.  There are so many people people who love this series.  Tell me it gets better... right?  Which is your favorite brother and why?  And in your opinion, which book is the best in the series.  Please tell me, because I'm starting to think everyone out there is crazy.

I also feel that I'm weird.  I'm wildly crazy about The Hunger Games but remain unconvinced about reading the rest of the trilogy.  While I was pretty unimpressed with Dark Lover but  will definitely read the next couple in the series.  Am I crazy?  Anybody else understand where I'm coming from?

Anyone read both series?  Which do you prefer?

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