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Review: Married by Morning

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas
Genre: Historical Fiction, Adult Fiction, Romance
Pages: 264 pages (reader)


As far as the rest of the Hathaways were concerned, Catherine Marks was practically a member of the family.

Leo, for his part, couldn't abide the woman.  She aired her opinions at will and dared to give orders to him.  On the rare occasions when Leo tried to be friendly, she snapped at him or turned away in scorn.  When he stated a perfectly rational opinion, he could hardly finish a sentence before Marks had listed all the reasons why he was wrong.

Faced with the immutable fact of her dislike, Leo couldn't help but respond in kind.  All during the past year he had tried to convince himself that it didn't matter if she despised him.  There were many women in London who were infinitely more beautiful, engaging, and appealing than Catherine Marks.

If only she didn't fascinate him so.
My Rating:

So I've already admitted that I read the Hathaway series out of order.  This particular story is book 4 of the Hathaway series and is the long-awaited story of Catherine "Marks" and Leo Hathaway.  The sparks between Marks and Leo started in the earlier books in the series.  This created a much anticipation.  Where ever you find these two, sparks fly.  However, Leo knows Marks has a secret and he won't stop till he figures it out.

This wasn't a bad book, but it barely held my interest.  The sparks between the two were built up quite dramatically as the two always managed to bicker about EVERYTHING.  However, this quickly fell away in the book that was actually supposed to be about their love story.  While I connected with the characters in the previous books, I found the matron/vixen characterization of Marks to be quite uninspiring.  I think if people like this series, many will like this one.  I just wasn't impressed.
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  1. Great review.
    Such a bummer when one comes away underwhelmed :)

  2. I know! But thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it :)


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