Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reflection: What Type of Reader Are You?

So I finished another of the Hathaway Series (expect a review soon) and I started to thinking... I'm a really really moody reader.  The books I choose, really depend on what type of mood I am in AND whether I enjoy a book depends on what I am looking for at the time.

For example...

For example, during the Christmas break, I was looking for books with very light, cutesy, and happy story-lines.  I wanted to relax and didn't want to think much.  I wasn't studying and all my tv shows were on break (why does this happen when I have time to actually watch them?).  I had come off a very stressful round of exams where I was not feeling good about my performance.  When I wasn't reading (or creating this site) I was thinking of school and work with dread.  My escape?  Other people's happiness.

Now grades are in and both school and work has started.  Moot Court competition is around the corner, and my mind is always working.  Thinking.  Learning.  The romance and unrealistic happily ever afters aren't doing it for me anymore.  No interest whatsoever.

I'm restless and looking for a new direction...  New mood, new interests.

So the question is... What type of reader are you?  Are you only interested in a certain type of book?  Or do you read anything and everything?  Do people really oppose the romance novels? I want the list the types of moods people mention so please comment!
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  1. OMG me too!

    Like right now I've been kinda down so I've been craving mature kind of sadder story which I normally don't dig much at alll.

    PS I LOVE your name/look/header :)

  2. I'm all about romance it doesn't matter which kind.I like for the book to start off at the point right away, if it takes to long to get to the point I will move on to something else.
    I'm getting ready to read one of the books from your favorite collection (Lisa Kleypas). I can't wait especially since the weather is perfect for reading.

  3. I'm a moody reader as well, but I find it works in reverse for me. School has once again started, and I'm devouring romance novels at a terrifying rate, unwilling to read anything that makes me think too hard. Over the break, however, I tackled Jane Eyre (which I suppose is a romance novel, in a way), a few darker sci-fi fantasy novels, and a deep(ish) Oprah's Book Club-esque novel (which I would not recommend to anyone).

  4. I will read almost anything, no matter my situation or mood... I guess since most of the time I am *required* to be reading (and in a very specific genre, usually: 19th century poetry/prose) I just get excited to read anything that I won't ultimately have to write a paper about or incorporate into my thesis. I love historical fiction and find that no matter what mood I'm in that ALWAYS does it for me. I do go through phases--a while back I was reading all historical novels about India, and then I switched over to WWII novels (hmm wonder where that influence came from) and am now reading a novel based on Arthurian legend. I always keep a book by my bed that isn't required reading because it makes me feel like I still have some control over my life =)

  5. I'm so happy to see so many comments! It is so exciting. I'm currently trying to read the books that were next up on my reader. I was so excited when I got them, now I am so over them. Darn mood swings. Moving on :)


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