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Why I Love Wednesdays...The Stephanie Plum Series

I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays.   Last week I discussed my favorite book institution.  And in the weeks before I discussed both the types of characters I loved and one of my favorite genres.  This week's topic: favorite series.

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Why I Love...The Stephanie Plum Series
One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1)
Can I first say that I'm not typically a fan series because I hate waiting for a long period of time between books to the point that I forget what the previous book was about...No fear here.  I LOVE The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.  I mean how can you not.  This series has it all.  Now I need you to work with me while I try to explain this particular love because I don't want to spoil this series for those who haven't yet discovered this amazing piece of heaven.

Diverse Characters.
High Five (Stephanie Plum, No. 5)Okay the characters are just imperfect, kooky, and funny (and boy are they funny), but they are diverse.  I love when characters reflect the diversity of life.  Many people don't notice one way or the other, but I certainly do.  I love that Ranger is Cuban-American and Lula is black.  Plus, the focus on the Italian culture of Stephanie, Morelli, and the rest of "the Burg" is pretty nifty (without being like that one reality tv show that people talk about and I obviously do not watch).

Kooky Characters.
Okay so I love characters but the characters in this book are so easy to love.  I mean let's see... Morrelli has commitment issues.  Stephanie married Dickie Orr (who marries a guy name Dickie anyway), was laid off from a lingerie boutique (no worries, this happens before the series starts), and is HORRIBLE at her job.  Ranger is batman.  And Grandma Mazur...well...some people just like funerals and I get that.

There is always a major mystery that the books are centered around and I enjoy it every time.  The bad guy isn't predictable and the pacing is always great.  If you are going to start anywhere, start with One for the Money because having an ex-lover cop accused of murder has to be interesting.

Bounty Hunting.
Eleven on Top (Stephanie Plum, No. 11)
This is definitely the best job for an ex-lingerie seller EVER.  I mean...why not?  If being afraid to carry a gun doesn't stop you then nothing can.  Oh perhaps it sounds more glamorous than it really is.  But I definitely think having to pick up old men who missed bail is better than having to track down murderers.  So maybe Stephanie has to find both... and perhaps picking up the older gentlemen who likes to go around without any clothes isn't EXACTLY the easiest thing for a person with Stephanie's skill, but that's why we love her :) 

It's hard to describe why I want to be Stephanie Plum without telling all the hilarious and funny stories that you just have to read to believe.  Maybe I have a crush on both Morelli AND Ranger.  Or perhaps I want an ex-hooker for a friend too.  Who knows... I love it all and I absolutely can't wait for more to come.

What about you?  What series do you love and why?

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